10.02.16  Live Fire Training in Hinsdale.  A coolish morning saw 5 fire companies and 50+ firefighters show up to get some real live in-the-heat fire fighting experience.


07.26.16  Training at the Fire Station




07.22.16  New Rescue 2 Arrives


Peru receives its new Rescue Truck.  It arrived in super shape on Friday evening July 22 after a long day to Philadelphia and back.

A most welcome addition to replace the former Rescue 2, there are so many improvements and new features, it is hard to capture them all.

  • 03.19.16  Peru assisted in training an EMT class at Hinsdale's Station.  Sessions demonstrating the use of jaws and other equipment to extricate trapped victims from MVAs.


We're gearing up for our rabies clinic on March 22.  If you have an animal that needs to be updated, bring them up to the station between 5PM and 6PM.


  • 03.11.16 - 03.13.16::  Peru Fire Rescue receives 3 calls for service in 3 days.  This is directly contradictory to our norm of 50 calls a year, most of which are for medical assistance.
  • 03.11.16 Motor Vehicle Accident
  • 03.12.16 Mutual Aid to Worthington - Standby at the Station
  • 03.13.16 Brush Fire in Washington [Berkshire Chiefs later declared this day a level 4 day for brush/forest fires]   Peru sent 2 Tankers and a Brush vehicle.  Tanker 2 was directed to the rear of the open space.  Tanker 1 remained at roadside ready to refill quads.  Brush 1 was instrumental in stopping the blaze from inside the fire space before it could devour more than the 3 acres already consumed.