Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your trucks white?


Back when the department was first formed, Peru was a tropical forest.  To uplift the spirits of the townspeople in the winter, the trucks were painted white to resemble snow and the tradition was continued...  Actually, one of the first trucks Peru received was previously painted white.  The theme stuck and has become a signature of the department.

When and where is the Golf Tournament?


Our Golf Tournament is typically the 4th Saturday in June.  See the "Golf Tournament" page for more information.

How do I sign up for the Golf Tournament?


Visit our "Golf Tournament" Page to find about what it is, where it is and how to register your team.

What kind of donations do you need?


Visit our "Donations"  Page to find out what we need and how to get it to us.

I've always wanted to be a firefighter!   Can I join?


Come on up to the Fire Station almost any Tuesday night meeting between 7 and 9 PM (might be good to call first - we might be out training  413.655.8811) to meet the Chief and some of the guys, check out our equipment and if we are both happy with what we see, submit an application.  We are always looking for healthy, strong local talent... 

Do I need ANY special experience to join?


Obviously, if you have previous experience with a fire service, that is fantastic!  As an All-volunteer fire department we are always looking for members that live in or work close to town.  We don't have any minimum requirements other than no drugs, good physical condition, a willingness to work for nothing, a team person and minimum age for firefighters.  We have regular training sessions and will provide training for you.  

How old do you have to be to join?


Minimum age for a junior firefighter is 14.  Minimum for a firefighter is 18.

Are you really volunteer?


100% !

We are one of the last All-Volunteer departments in the Commonwealth.  All calls are handled by those members in town or close by an incident at the time it happens.  We have no duty roster, no manned shifts and unfortunately no stipends.

How can I contact you?


           Visit our "Contact"  Page to see how to get a hold of us.

Who do I contact for Smoke Detector Installation Help and Inspection?


Chief Brian Dewkett currently does fire-related inspections for Peru.  See our "Contacts" Page to make an appointment.

I want to learn more about fire safety.


You are always welcome to come by the Fire Station on a Tuesday night to meet us and have a look around.  Our members are always willing to talk to you about fire safety and what you can do make your home or business more fire safe.

Where do I get burn permits?


Burn permits are now issued by Berkshire County online.  

Here is the link to the BC Burn Permit website.